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Pilot: Emily Jennings
Share your dreams, plan your next step, and find helpers.


“Before I die I want to help as many people as I can be strong, healthy, and fit; be in a fun vibrant partnership; grow my business; help progress the civil and human rights movement; travel, master aerial silks and hoop

“And this year I will grow and develop my health, nutrition, and fitness while helping others do the same; double my business; progress to the next level of aerial training; learn and contribute to reforming gun laws.


I know to the marrow of my bones with every cell of my being its what I'm called to do. I share the same story of millions of women around the world and I have the privilege and access to use my voice ... see more


  • David Delp

  • 1. summarize what i learned from Dara, Layla, Mama Gena, Sheila Kelley, Katherine Woodward, Amy Jo Goddard Help
  • 2. clarify terms of earning my WHMI badge Help
  • 3. find 3 "patients" to comply with WHMI process for me to practice on Help
  • 4. write my coaching and confidentiality agreement Help


  • David Hey!! Thanks for offering to help me. You'll get a note back soon with how. In the meantime, dear, make your Do List a couple things you can actually finish in the next week or two.

    9 years ago
  • Emily completed step: follow up with Tina, Margo, Lynnette, and Danielle

    9 years ago
  • David Did you follow up with Tina, Margo, Lynnette, and Danielle? If so, what's next? Click the link, and add a couple more tiny steps. It feels great to focus on the little stuff.

    9 years ago
  • David Can you figure out how to add a profile picture, Emily?

    9 years ago
  • Emily accepts David's help: I can totally help with this. What are the next 2 or 3 steps you can do in the next week or two?

    9 years ago
  • Emily made BIG goal

    9 years ago